A downloadable game for Windows

This prototype is only to showing the current state of development.

There is no tutorial but you can still walk around and do some stuff.

Hide the overlay with the controlls with ctr+h key.


  • Day and Night cycle
  • Skillsystem
  • Carfting System
  • Inventory System
  • Equipment System
  • Quest System (Collect, Find)
  • Climbing System
  • Secret Doors
  • Weathersystem (only visual right now)
  • Growing plants

There are some secrets to find already...

The plan is to find on every corner some secret... or not.

There will be a lot of posibilites to trigger secret doors or unlock other or both :)

There is no game menu - to exist you have to use alt+F4 yet ;)

Can you ...?

  •  find the Amulett for the npc Tandy?
  • Open the magical cave part?
  • find all four books?
  • open the hidden treasure in the arch?
  • find the growing plants?
  • craft a poison apple?
  • do this all without dying?
  • find all Gold in a total worth of 9122?

This is a techdemo but no game yet - keep this in mind while testing :)


playable techdemo of Lyrien

Install instructions

Just unpack it with a tool like 7zip or winzip.

To start run the exe.

To end use the menu via F12 key

Development log


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I get  where you are trying to go with this game, but in my oppinion it isn't time to show it off to the public, beacuse:

1. there is not a real tutorial. (learning the mechanics is confusing  at first and could be made easier by adding a voiced over tutorial explaining everything.)

2. the systemst don't feel good (it is playable, but not fun. keeping a player engaged is such a big part)

Basic mechanics are there, but like i said, in my oppinion it isn't time to show it off to the public. I encourage you to work on this game more, because it has a lot of potential. Before relasing it here or elsewere, testing it in closed alpha would have been a good idea, because players will only remember a bad game and will not check it back out when it has more/better/other content and is actually worth buying and playing. 


Thanks for your reply.

1) Yes there is no tutorial. The idea was just to show off the actual process of development. I added the text to underline thats not a real game yet and more for people who want to look for the progress of the game.

2) the system feels bad right now because they are not realy connected right now. They all working for its own but nothing more. For example the weather is right now only visual but later on there is the plan to connect it to the player stats for a bit of survival.  

Also are there only some quest with out a real story.